Love Languages

In his book ‘The 5 Love Languages’ Dr Gary Chapman shows five ways in which people commonly express and receive love.

If we understand our teenagers main love language, we can use it to show love in a way that they really understand -Rob Parsons OBE


Do remind your teenagers regularly that you love them. Go the extra mile, praise and encourage them also.


The value of the gift is not as important as the thought and effort behind it. Small gifts given spontaneously can have a huge impact.


Helping with homework, doing things together, ferrying them around to places,  helping them choose an outfit for an event, cooking for them and cooking with them, repairing a broken item that belongs to them. The list is endless. You can show them love through action.


Time is of the essence, children grow very fast as we know. Stop procrastinating, make time for your children, be present, show affection by creating time for them. Find time to create amazing memories. Your children will enjoy uninterrupted, quality time with you. It does not matter  if it is little and often or large amount. Just make some time as it will make a world of difference.


This is equally an important way to express ♥️ love. Hugs and kisses help to show love to children. With teenagers, be mindful and wise, choose your time carefully when trying to show love. You need to understand your teenager. Kissing and hugging in front of the school gates and friends may not be ideal. Some teenagers may not welcome that. It may be better hugging them etc at home.

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