Are you a PARENT or an ORGANISATION working with young people?

Struggling with challenging behaviours or looking for better ways to support young people to achieve their potential? I offer a range of tools and creative strategies to create positive outcomes.


Being a young person today can be tough.  So can parenting or working with them

Growing up has never been easy.  But young people today are under more pressure than ever. Exam stress, drugs, body image, social media, and COVID, lockdown all create their own issues. And that creates a challenge for those who support and care about them, whether as parents or as a school, youth service or church.

I offer a fresh perspective, insight and a way forward

As a parent or professional, you want to help the young person overcome their issues and fulfil their potential.

But despite your best efforts, it can sometimes feel overwhelming.  Wires get crossed, tempers fray and you feel like giving up

But I believe a young person’s future is not dictated by their past, and change is possible.  Even if that young person has stopped believing in themselves.

Drawing on years of experience working with young people in a range of settings, I can help you find creative solutions.



Elsie delivered an incredible, motivating and powerful session to our “A Better Start” parents.  Including work/life balance for working parents.

Amir:  Skills Project Officer


Ways to work with me

Whether you are a parent or professional, I offer a range of ways to work with me.


Does family life feel like one long battle? “Tried everything” and still not getting through to your child?


Whether the issue is drugs, social media or school, family friction can be draining and demoralising.


Work with me to gain a greater understanding of your child’s behaviour, increased confidence as a parent, and solutions that work for your family.



Private parenting coaching

Group parenting programmes



Do you work with young people in a school, youth service or church?


Do you need to address challenging behaviour?  Or perhaps you are looking for creative ways to help young people maximise their potential.


I offer group training for staff, and individual mentoring with young people to find positive ways forward.




1:1 Youth mentoring

Staff training






As a mother in the 21st century battling the avalanche of social media and the effect on my children. (Working with Elsie) was captivating, engaging…and gave me some beneficial tools

Cynthia Edu-Chime, mother of three



About Me

Hello, I’m Elsie

I’m an experienced parenting coach who’s faced many of issues my clients are going through.

I’m a trained mediator, who works every day on her own relationships.

I’m a solicitor working with youth at risk of offending, constantly asking myself if I could be doing more.

I’m a trainer and educator who believes in lifelong learning.

I constantly strive for excellence in all I do. Then question if that’s a desirable goal.




Ready to relate more effectively as a parent or professional working with young people?




Our services

One to one session

Group Sessions

Online Courses


Speaking at school assemblies and events

Courses tailored to meet your needs

Bespoke training for those working with parents in any setting

Bespoke parenting courses

Education coaching and mentoring

More Info about services


At an agreed place of your choice and convenience

In house training



Telephone consultation


Elsie Anakwue - Parenting Coach and Youth Mentor

Elsie Anakwue: Parenting Coach: Youth Mentor

My Role and Benefits to You

Benefits for Families

Benefits for Organisations


  • Better understanding of your child’s behaviour
  • How best to support your child
  • Better and happier family
  • Increased knowledge of the legal system
  • Reduced pressure on the family
  • Ability to access relevant services
  • Confident that there will be changes in your child’s life
  • Confident and more knowledgeable child


  • Crime reduction
  • Reduction in anti-social behaviour
  • Reduced school exclusion and detentions
  • Reduction in truancy
  • Increase in the number of independent young people
  • Increase in the number of young people that no longer challenge authority
  • Confident and focused young people
  • Respectful young people

Our team

What our clients say

Feedback from the course – Avoiding the Digital War held on 12 September 2020

Angel Matthew

Feedback from the course – Avoiding the Digital War which took place on 12 September 2020

It was a very informative session. It was nice to interact with other parents about issues we all face but don’t actually address or feel unable to handle.

It left me with a renewed determination to take my position as a parent and be more assertive but balanced in my relationship with my children in relation to online activities. More interaction from other parents would have been helpful!

Thank you Elsie. I enjoyed and learnt so much from the webinar

Sandra Oweka

Chi was very helpful with providing my mum and I with the right information to make the best informed decision for me. She was a great emotional support during a very chaotic period for me. I would highly recommend her to anyone in a similar situation to mine. Additionally, she didn’t stop after our sessions were over, she continued to checked up on me to make sure I was well.

Miss S.A – London

Elsie Chichi Anakwue is your go-to coach in parenting and Teen development.

Her practical, expanded awareness, flexible and inclusive strategies makes her approach unique.

Irrespective of your religion, culture, race, social preference, Anakwuewaycoach is home for you.

Adeh Jones

On 16 November 2017, Elsie facilitated  a similar mentoring session to the one that she did in April 2017,  under the  Southend A Better Start Work  Skills Programme.   In addition to covering routes to a career in the legal profession she covered work life balance for working parents with children,  and for those parenting alone.

Following the session, I sent an email to Elsie as follows : “ Thank you very much for  today, and for all the preparation you put in before this session. It is very much appreciated, and the feedback was first class.”

Amir – Skills Project Officer

On 27th July 2017, Elsie gave a presentation to the Black and Minority Ethnic Forum. After the meeting, I sent an email to a group of people providing feedback on the session.  In the email I said:

“Dear all, just to let you know Elsie Anakwue did  a very interesting and inspiring presentation to the Black and Minority Ethnic Forum yesterday, summarising the areas she covered  for the ABSS Parents, and explaining some of the follow up success to the session including a parent who was inspired to begin a college course immediately after attending the session. Elsie also covered the topics of “ Time Management” and “Juggling Work and Family Life”, and also her role as a parenting coach. Elsie – thank you!”

Amir – Skills Project Officer

On 27 April 2017, Elsie delivered an incredible motivating and powerful session to our A Better Start parents , from the more disadvantaged communities. During the session, she covered  topics such as pursuing a  career in law, tips and helpful points, different roles within the legal sector and  her story. The last part of the session covered work/life balance including advice for working parents with children.

On 28th June 2017, Elsie’s sterling work on the A Better Start Programme was included as an agenda item on the Black and Minority Ethnic Forum at Southend – on – Sea Borough Council.

Amir – Skills Project Officer

As a mother raising three children (one is a teenager), in the 21st century and with the avalanche of different social media platforms available for children and young adults; I strongly encourage all parents to partake in this course. As all modern parents know, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to maintain the balance of shielding our children at a young age from unsuitable relationships and inappropriate pornographic information easily accessible to them through social media, friends and other associations; whilst being able to educate them gradually on sexual relationships at an appropriate age. This course raised my awareness on all the above and was insightful, very helpful and highlighted areas of awareness that every parent should implement to safeguard our children. Prior to getting involved on the course, I believed that I did not need any help in communicating with my children about sex and relationships. However, during the program I was surprised to find that there was a vast amount that I needed to be schooled on, in order to be able to educate and communicate effectively to my children. I would highly recommend this course as it was captivating, very informative and a very beneficial tool in shielding children and young adults from getting involved and being exposed to vulnerable situations that could negatively impact on their burgeoning development and behaviour. I applaud all the organisers and experts that were involved on the program and look forward to further courses organised by them.

Cynthia Edu-Chime.

Elsie is a wonderful mentor & coach providing advice & guidance that is relevant, helpful & supportive of people from all walks of life. I would thoroughly recommend joining her Facebook group which offers discussion of all sorts of interesting topics for families including issues with children, schooling, relationships, religion & much more! The group provides a safe space to offer your opinions & discuss with others without feeling in anyway persecuted for having a different opinion – all opinions are welcomed. In my role as a Personal Trainer, I was lucky enough to work with Elsie on the topic of health & fitness offering both discussion on healthy eating & a live home workout for busy parents & children alike! It was so much fun to be a part of & enabled the group to share their own healthy recipes (which was fantastic as the group is very diverse so we had recipes from various cultures/countries!) Well done Elsie on your venture & keep up the great work!

Nicola Goss

I recently took part in the Child Protection/Age appropriate sex education online course on the 9th and 10th June 2017. As a social worker specialising on child protection, I still found the course refreshingly informative with great attention to detail. Well done Elsie!

Patricia Nkwonta Social worker specialising on child protection
Dear Elsie,
I attended your course in April 2017 which inspired and motivated me to further my studies. I am currently studying to be a Counsellor. Thank you so much for all your help, you are a one in a million mentor and coach.
Rebecca Teichert


About us

We are team of professionals with vast life experiences. Our team consist not just of coaches but a therapist, counsellor, mediator and many more with the requisite skill sets to assist you with challenges you may be facing temporarily or otherwise.

What is the very best way of parenting? There are of course no right or wrong answers; it is entirely a subjective assessment. What does the very best parenting mean? Good, top notch, first class perhaps? In trying to achieve the so-called best parenting, will you aim for less than that? Of course not! You will aim to be the very best and do the very best in working towards it!

It depends on the message you are trying to convey and that’s the Anakwue way!

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