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Experienced in Gang Injunctions. Cases involving use of diversionary measures/tools to avoid reoffending by gang members. I use similar tools and approaches in my coaching to achieve the required results. 

60 Minute Mentor South Essex Project - Mentoring at a secondary school in Essex. 

Arranging Family Intervention Tenancy for a family that had frequent disputes with neighbours, children with challenging needs, teenagers engaging in crime and anti-social behaviour. 

I successfully secured the First Injunction under the new Anti-Social Behaviour Crime and Policing Act 2014 For a London Borough. There are positive measures within this legislation which I have used to assist young people to prevent them from committing crimes or reoffending. In addition to assisting them in gaining self confidence, anger management, tackling drug and alcohol addiction, acquiring life skills and qualifications.

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Dear parents and carers,

    Dear parents and carers, I repeat, dear parents and carers! Yes, you! I have an important message for you so please pay attention. You are a parent or carer and not a TEACHER! I shall repeat it; You are NOT a TEACHER! Even if you are a teacher or educator by profession, your […]

The C word

I This C word definitely should not have a negative connotation. What C word is this? Compromise!  When you mention the word ‘compromise’ to some people in relation to parenting they will tell you that it is something they have had to learn despite initially finding it difficult. Some will even go as far as […]

Preparing for the arrival – Part 2

The good news of discovering that you will soon be a parent is often clouded by the excitement of having parental responsibility for a child that sometimes a future parent unintentionally does not prepare for the baby’s arrival until it is fairly late. Preparation, as we know, is key for any type of arrival let […]

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