About Me

Youth and Parent Coach / Mentor

Elsie Anakwue
I coach and mentor for excellence. Mediocrity will not suffice. I am passionate about helping young people who experience various challenges with life during their transition from childhood to adulthood. As a coach and mentor, I am particularly interested and gifted with dealing with youths that have offended, at risk of offending, have difficulty with making life choices to turn their life around.
Elsie Anakwue - Parent coach and MentorThe same can be said about my passion and gift working with parents. As the young person faces challenges in their life, the family dynamics can change. The young person and their parents tend to clash as the young person may express their emotions in a manner which the parents find unacceptable as they fight for their independence. The parents on the other hand struggle to maintain control and discipline the child.
I help parents develop skill sets to assist with dealing with their children. They will have better understanding of their children’s emotions and behaviour.  I will assist your child in dealing with and managing issues such as conflict, adhering to rules and procedures, anger, societal pressure which would contribute to a better family life.

Who am I?

Youth and Parent Coach/ Mentor
Multi award winning Solicitor
Trained Mediator
Anti-Social Behaviour Specialist
Elsie Anakwue - Parenting e-coach
Elsie Chichi Anakwue - Parenting and Teen Mentoring Coach
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