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Elsie Anakwue

Hello, I’m Elsie Anakwue

Youth and parent coach, multi-award-winning solicitor, author, adoption and fostering panel member, community mediator, anti-social behaviour specialist, mother and wife.



I’m a solicitor, a parenting coach, and a mentor for young people.


I work with both organisations and parents, and provide training and mentoring to help you better support young people.


Skills and experience

My resilience, creativity and resourcefulness have been instrumental in my ability to work with young people, often in very challenging situations over many years.

As a multi-award winning solicitor, I have vast experience working with youth who have or are at risk of committing crimes or anti-social behaviour. This has included obtaining gang Injunctions and employing diversionary measures and tools to avoid reoffending by gang members.

I’m also proud to have successfully secured the first injunction under the (then) new Anti-Social Behaviour Crime and Policing Act 2014 for a London borough.

Helping young people step away from a life of crime is incredibly rewarding. But offering an alternative before they start down that path is better still.  This is why I volunteer as a “60 Minute Mentor” to pupils in a Southend & Thurrock secondary school.  Young people often get bad press today.  But in my experience, most will choose a productive and successful path with the right support and guidance.

Recently I’ve been appointed to a fostering and adoption panels as an Independent member. The panels have oversights of recruitment, assessment and review of foster carers and connected persons. With the adoption panel, the role is similar but with respect to prospective adoptive parents. Panel members together make decisions on the suitability of foster carer and prospective adoptive parents applicants.  I relish the chance to take on new challenges and consider myself a “lifelong learner.

I’m also a parenting coach, and work with clients either 1:1, in groups or via my Facebook group.  I worked with parents on issues such as social media addiction, drug use, truancy, parenting confident girls – and good old-fashioned family friction where everyone is convinced it some else’s fault.

And last, but definitely not least, I’m a mother who believes family comes first and all young people have the potential for a happy, productive life.   Even when most people have given up on them.


I recently took part in the Child Protection/age appropriate sex education course. As a social worker specialising in child protection I found the course refreshingly informative with great attention to detail. Well done, Elsie

Patricia Nkwonta: Social worker specialising in child protection



Elsie Anakwue - Parent coach and Mentor

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Elsie Chichi Anakwue - Parenting and Teen Mentoring Coach
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