Why Us

Why choose me? What can I do for you? What do I care about you?

Elsie Anakwue - the youth and poarent coach / mentorI have vast experience of working with young people who have committed crimes or behaved in an anti-social manner as well as those whom although have never been through the legal system have faces challenges which if they had not received the relevant support would have been perpetrators of crime and or anti-social behaviour. I am able to assist young people to achieve changes in their lives, this includes those that find themselves committing crimes and unable to stop such behaviour, where they are at age of committing crimes or engaging in anti-social acts. I also work with families to ensure that support is offered to enable the young person with challenges to put their lives on the right track.

Whilst working with you, you will experience life style changes, you will not wallow in self pity, you will pick up the pieces and will not be comfortable in misery. The difference will be clear! Being a victim of your past does not mean the future!

My Role and Benefits to You

  • Affirming confidentiality in order to gain trust
  • Help to reduce crime among young people; those that offended and those at risk of offending
  • Assist young people that are disconnected from many things and have lost interest in life generally
  • Being a listening ear to the fears or challenges
  • Help restore confidence and independance
  • Building effective communication skills
  • Achieving realistic goals in line with your ambitions and monitoring progress
  • Achieving success
  • Assisting with accessing relevant services
  • Looking behind the behaviour – Why behave in an anti-social manner? Why offend? Why get involved in crime? Why challenge authority? Why are some young people well behaved and others are not?


Some issues: school exclusion, hormonal changes, refusal to learn, underachievement, family conflict, abuse, inadequate housing – overcrowding of housing, housing in disrepair, illiteracy, drug use, drug abuse, supply and use of drags, poor sexual health, lack of sex education, poor financial management, peer pressure, friendship issues and low self esteem. These are some of the contributors of such poor behaviour.