Navigating Parenthood with Anakwue Way – Coaching and Mentoring group.

About the group

This group represents that well-known saying that “It takes a village to raise a child.” The purpose of this group is to have a community of parents, carers, educators, and parents to be to work together to raise happy, healthy, confident, independent, safe and resilient children whose adulthood would not be marred as a result of inadequate and ineffective parenting.

By joining this community, you will be a part of a platform where we delve into all things parenting. I will be available regularly to walk you through challenges, questions, insecurities, issues that you may encounter in the course of your parenting journey. You will grow as a person and parent when you join our community.

You will learn to use positive and conscious parenting solution tools in the course of your day-to-day parenting.

Members will regularly celebrate small and big wins in their parenting journey. We will set goals and I will be your accountability partner. If you are ready and willing to engage in a transformational journey then this is certainly for you.

I will be your coach, guide, and help you with strategies and toolsets to enable you to navigate from day to day to long-term matters that you wish to address.

Members will unlearn and re-learn habits, strategies to ensure that their goals are met.

There is no perfect family, each family is unique and because of that, I will help you plan and implement strategies that will be suited to your family. This will enable you to effectively manage your parenting journey and change your view on parenting. You will begin to view parenting differently as it will become more enriching, exciting, and less burdensome.

The sessions are flexible and structured in a way that no matter how busy you are, you will always participate in discussions and will always have materials, information at your disposal and for you to read, listen and watch at your convenience.

The fee to join the community is £ 25 a month.  You can choose to have an annual membership. The fee is £270.

What does the membership include?

  • Access to a safe, happy, relaxed, and confidential community of parents, carers, educators, and parents to be.
  • Regular check-ins during the week to establish what assistance you need. We will also discuss and agree on topics for discussions for the week.
  • I will assist in real-time if you are unsure of ways to deal with issues or just to brainstorm.
  • Access to a private FB group
  • Access to a private Whats App group
  • Regular updates on the groups by video and in writing
  • Teaching by video and or writing.
  • Meetings including Q&A sessions on Zoom
  • Access to an online library with valuable resources such as fact sheets, blogs, articles, and relevant materials
  • Discounts on paid courses and masterclasses
  • Free copy of my eBook and Workbook worth £10
  • Regular discussions on self-care


If you subscribe to the membership, you will receive this eBook and Workbook free.


I conduct a daily check to see how members are doing. Any concerns or matters raised by members are addressed as soon as possible.

The main topics for discussions are agreed upon in advance.  However, day-to-day issues that arise are discussed as and when they occur.

If you would like more information, you can send me an email at or contact me on +447956954119.

You can make payment by using the Paypal link below.


Kindly complete the form below by clicking on the link – Navigating Parenthood Monthly Subscription Group.  Please have a look at the data policy on this website regarding the data you provide. Your data will be kept securely.

Navigating Parenthood Monthly Subscription Group

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