Online safety – Eight pointers for a young person.


1. If going online ensure you are aware of the privacy settings of the sites you are visiting. If unsure, learn about it quickly and use it! The settings are there for a reason – your protection. Don’t overlook it!

2. Think about what you are about to post. Ask yourself: Is it embarrassing? Will it compromise my safety? Will it get me in trouble with the law or those responsible for my care?

3. Do not be in a rush to share information or images. Think very hard before you press the ‘post/share/publish/upload’ button.

4. Consider also if you have permission from the owner of the information or images to post/share information with others. If you do not have permission, do not share it.

5. Pay attention also to your location settings. Ensure that it is switched off.

6. If you are online and something unusual happens or you see or read something that makes you uncomfortable or frightened inform a responsible adult immediately. This could be your parents, family members and teachers.

7. Apps! Be careful of the applications you are downloading or adding to your gadgets. Read reviews, check with responsible adults if it is safe to use the applications. Always be cautious.

8. Do not be afraid to ask questions. It is better that you ask about anything you are unsure of rather than acting on your own will and making the wrong decision which could lead to problems.

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