To BE or not To BE?

This two letter word – BE. Do you know how powerful it is?

In the world of parenting, you often hear or read these words.
Be Intentional
Be Deliberate
Be Present
Be Loving
Be Kind
Be Positive
Be forgiving
And so on…

Parents and caregivers are often instructed that adopting the above strategies in their parenting journey will lead to great results.

Okay let’s take a closer look at the word – BE. When added to the list of words above, it makes the instructions clearer. It also serves as a reminder to parents and caregivers about actions they should be taking in pursuit of raising happy, healthy, independent, responsible children, teenagers and adults.

The word BE also helps parents and caregivers to embrace their culture, values and beliefs in the course of their parenting expedition 

The word BE also helps parents and caregivers to embrace their culture, values and beliefs in light of their parenting sojourn.

So as a parent or caregiver, you tell yourself that you want to BE amazing amongst many other things in your quest to raise responsible children. You want to BE….! There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. In fact you should BE! “BE and let BE!”What is stopping you? It is always easy to find or make excuses. Well, next time you are feeling deflated in your parenting journey just remember this simple but yet significant word BE. It will inspire you to BE all you desire to be, all you desire to achieve for your children and all that God has ordained for you and your family.

It only takes simple steps – mindset steps, believing in yourself, believing in your ability to BE the best parent you can and want to BE. Do not allow any obstacles to stop you. BE the one that takes action even if it means seeking help when faced with challenges.
BE you! BE wise! BE deliberate! BE the best parent or caregiver that your children adore, value ad feel blessed to have in their lives.

Make it a regular habit striving to BE. Try it and you won’t regret it.

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12 thoughts on “To BE or not To BE?

  1. Good work.To Be or not to Be has always been the big question but I now realise that to Be is simply easier…. simply Be!

    Thanks for this timely reminder Twinny! Good work.

  2. Wow Elsie…a massive massive congratulations to you for this incredible parenting guidelines on ‘To Be or Not to Be’!!! This is so beautiful and well written. I will be definitely be printing copies to handout them to anxious parents I come across. May God continue to use your knowledge to bless parents, carers, children and youths in our communities. Go girl and keep finding more answers to desperate parenting questions. xxx

    1. Oh wow!Such beautiful and encouraging words Helen. Thank you so much for your kind words. I say Amen to your prayers. I am pleased that you found the article useful and grateful that you will share. God bless you.

  3. Lovely Elsie, from start to finish. Great reminder and motivation to me to also ensure I don’t miss precious moments to BE in the moment with my kids on a daily basis. Simple, just like the word, but amazing how easily forgotten in the melee of day to day living.

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